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Tips to get a good night’s sleep

You should follow these tips if you want to get a good night’s sleep.

Tip.1 To get a good night’s sleep you need to have a good routine before you go to bed.

Tip.2 Don’t get stressed before you go to sleep. If you are playing games and you lose, you shouldn’t get angry because that will affect your sleep. If you get angry easily, you should probably get an antistress toy. When you get angry you should stop playing your game and play with your toy.

Tip.3 You shouldn’t eat or drink anything except water, at least an hour before you go to bed, because you will sleep better.

Tip.4 It’s important to get enough sleep. You should get around 8 hours of sleep. You ought to go to bed at around 10:30 pm and wake up at 06:45 in order to get enough sleep, feel refreshed and have enough time to prepare for school.

Tip.5 It’s good to get in bed around 10-15 minutes before your bed time, because you will have enough time to fall asleep.

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