Grade 5 write about the challenges our environment is facing

Grade 5 students have been learning about the environment and the challenges our natural world is currently facing. Students have been gathering research online, analysing the information and then creating blogs.

Fuel pollution, by Elitsa Nikolova, 5th Grade (06.06.23)

Fuel pollution is a big problem for the environment. It makes the air dirty and without fresh air we won`t be able to breathe.
Fuel pollution is mostly in China and the United States. Transportation is the main cause of it because cars, trucks and other types of transportation use gases that pollute the air.
According to google “When fossil fuels are burned, they release large amounts of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) into the air. Fossil fuels are formed from the decomposition of buried carbon – based organisms that died millions of years ago.” There are many people trying to fix this problem. Possible solutions are using electric cars or bikes.
Thanks for reading the blog and I hope it helps you understand better fuel pollution.

Garbage in the world By Doriana Shopova (6.06.2023) 5th grade

My blog is about garbage in the world. How we, the people, don’t realize how much garbage is destroying our home. Nature is our home, and we need to appreciate what nature gives us.
The problem of throwing garbage everywhere is because by that we are destroying homes, animals, and ourselves. When we throw trash, we are killing the animals. Some people don’t realize it. When we throw debris, we pollute the air and sometimes, we humans suffocate, because of the polluted air. Therefore, we must recycle and dispose of garbage separately. We must really appreciate the gifts that nature has given us and use them wisely.
We cannot force people to stop polluting nature, but we can tell ourselves that we are strong enough to help nature to fight the problem of garbage.
Thank you for reading and I hope together we can save nature from garbage. Let’s make the world a better place!

Cutting trees and destroying forests By Maya Georgieva (06.06.23) 5th grade

In this blog I am talking about how we destroy forests and trees and what we actually do when we destroy them. I think that we can help our planet and live in a better world.
The problem of cutting trees and destroying forests is that we destroy homes, which belong to animals and we can accidently kill some of them which are in danger of disappearing. Trees also produce oxygen and when we cut them, we add to the problem of global warming. Trees and forests help us to have fertile soil, too. If you want to do something that will help forests, there are some possible solutions for this problem. We can plant new trees, which will counter the loss. And we can try not to throw garbage in the forest. Thank you for reading and I hope that together we can help our planet and live in a better world.