GRADE 5 Blog project 2023-2024


This week saw students exploring the past tense in English. Students wrote short stories about some of their childhood memories. These students would like to share their work with you.

George, Class 5

When I was eight years old, I was at an art academy. We drew there but we also went to the park every day and we even sometimes went to other places outside my hometown and it was awesome. At the time it was summer and at the park we went there was a playground, and at the playground there were monkey bars. And one time when I was playing on them as I did everyday but suddenly, I fell on my left hand and take in mind I write with my left hand. But anyways I hurt my hand really bad. At first, I started crying and my teacher told me that it wasn`t such big of a deal and I had just hurt my hand and at the moment I was like sure okay it`s just a little fall nothing really happened, right. But I still had a little suspicion that it was serious. Fast forward a few minutes and my parents luckily came. I told them what happened and they also had a little suspicion that I had broken my hand, but I didn`t think much of it and I was like that for three days.

I stayed home but on the third day I was like, ‘oh no I have to go get checked’, so I get in the car and we head straight to a hospital and there my doctor says, ‘oh no your hand is broken’ and I was in total shock because this was my first broken bone, and in my hand I`m like oh what am I going to do now. Because like I said I broke my left hand and I am lefthanded and I don`t` know what I am going to do because I couldn`t write with my left hand for 45 days and this was 10 days before school started. So, I do everything and then I tell my dad and he was also shocked so we all didn`t know what we were going to do. Then I learnt how to write with my right hand and then I don`t have any more problems. So yeah, that was the story of how I broke my hand when I was eight.

GRADE 5 Blog project 2023-2024
GRADE 5 Blog project 2023-2024
Leah, Class 5

Every summer we go to the beach with our friends. We swim in the water, also make sand castles. After that we go in grandpa’s apartment. From there we also go to the seaside and eat delicious food. We have a lot of fun. We travel to my grandmother’s house. There we eat homemade food. It’s the best time of the year.
At the winter we make snowmen and we celebrate Christmas.

Lina, Class 5

My best memories are in the summer. That’s when my birthday is! Last year my birthday was at an aquapark. A lot of my friends came and we had a great time. We ate cake inspired by my favourite movies’ series. There were so many extreme slides.
In the winter I go to my parents second apartment in Bansko. There me and my family celebrates Christmas and New Years eve. Me and my mom go skiing. It is really fun!

GRADE 5 Blog project 2023-2024